Wife with Wife Episode 1


Wife with Wife is a very interesting hentai series produced by animac studios. This two-episode hentai series was aired between Jul 29, 2005, to Sep 30, 2005. Wife with Wife story revolves around our protagonist and his sexual desires with his stepmom, stepsister, and coworker.

In episode 1 of wife with wife hentai it is shown that the father of male protagonist  Sakuraba Kotaro succeeded to a little grocery store from his dead father. He runs that store with his stepmother and sister. One while sleeping he got a wet dream where he was having sex with his mother. When his sister came to wake him up she found him masturbating in bad which made her a little horny but she resisted and ran away of shame. In the morning one of his employees Kokua came late he taught her discipline by fucking her in his office.

This hentai is very interesting to enjoy it.