Tamashii Insert Episode 1


Tamashii Insert is about a boy named Naoto Takahashi who is struggling with his father’s remarriage. He doesn’t feel like part of his new family at all, and can’t seem to bridge to gap between himself and his stepmother and sister. While he is trying to figure out how to smooth things over with Yui, his new little sister, he discovers something on his phone that wasn’t there before – a mysterious app. And what is even more strange is that the app seems to let him control other people’s bodies! Maybe the app can be a real game changer for Naoto…

Tamashii Insert is a hentai with an interesting concept; if Naoto takes a photo of a girl, like his sister Yui, he is able to transport half his soul into her body while retaining the other half in his. That means he can control both himself and her, and that means the possibilities for sexual pleasure are nearly limitless and he can enjoy the sexual pleasures of being a woman. Tamashii Insert is a little sister hentai for the first episode, but Yui isn’t Naoto’s blood sister, which makes it appealing to an even wider range of hentai fans. It features masturbation, gender-bending, and sex with multiple women and eventually including a goddess. It’s a light-hearted hentai that is just fun to watch.