Shoto Todoroki Fucks Mitsuki Bakugo (Katsuki’s mother)


Mitsuki Bakugo is the mother of Katsuki one of the main protagonist of My Hero Academia. His mother is also beautiful. Shoto often looks at his mother with desires. One day he finds the opportunity and goes to Katsuki’s house.

Shoto Todoroki takes the chance and fucks his mother Mitsuki. She has a very beautiful body with juicy tits and big ass. So Shoto succeeds having sex with her. They get engaged in sex in different positions also. She seems to be enjoying this. She takes big orgasms whenever Shoto increases his speed of pumping. She also takes the dick in her ass.

It’s a Mitsuki Bakugo 3d hentai so you can enjoy it from different positions.