Luna Fucks After Inviting Kazuma to Her Home


After a Successful mission luna invites Kazuma to her house for dinner to celebrate the victory.When Kazuma comes to her house and asks what is in dinner Kazuma. Luna says there is a lot to eat tonight but first of all, you need to eat me first, I want you to take my virginity and make me impure. In this Konosuba hentai, you can see the hardcore sex between luna and Kazuma.

Kazuma throws luna on the sofa nearby and grabs luna’s boob by right hand and butt by the left hand and starts twisting her nipples and pressing her boobs hard at same time luna start feeling hentai and unzip’s Kazuma’s pant and take his dick between her boobs and start rubbing it and then puts her saliva on his dick to make it lubricant and takes his dick into mouth and gives him blow job.

She keeps on giving a blow job for one and half a minute later she takes off her skirt and puts his dick in her vagina and start dominating Kazuma by riding over his dick. In this Kono Suba hentai, you can hear them talking about their sex both of them seem to enjoy their first sex.