Joshikousei no Koshitsuki Episode 3


In the third episode of Joshikousei, no Koshitsuki Episode Saori get to know that futami is going to transfer to another school. Futami and Saori are members of the photography club most of the time in club periods Futami use to relax and read porn magazines on the sofa and Saori use to manage all the activities of a photography club.

One day when Futami was doing Saori’s photograph college magazine covers he finds her in a perverted pose and becomes horny. He asked her to get naked he wants to have some naked photo’s for himself she agrees and poses for a naked photoshoot. He took the advantage of their isolation and grabs her boobs and start licking them.

Saori also seems cooperative and she starts feeling more and more hentai and wants his dick inside her pussy she asks him to fuck her hard.